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applemart re(open)2.0
Applemart re(open) 2.0! 
prices are in AUD and contain fees and shipping unless otherwise statedApplemart is open to AUS Resident only at present sorry! no I am not for sale. please stop asking this question.thank you -MAXapplemart offical customs-dog

item: Undercover U logo sweatersize: UC2condition: new with tags- never worn$105 AUD 
dior fw07 wool button up jacketsize: 46condition: no marks, tears or ripssilk lined everything, working cuffsnice when worn over a knit $300 aud

Jil Sander FW07 Metallic Thread Sweatersize 44 condition: no damage to any threading, stains or markings$120 aud

 ;MMM Line 22 Sneakersize: 42condition: 99%! no wear to sole, worn once around house and decided I want white ones instead.$220 aud! apple-manager super pricedown sticker!In box with shoebags

KVA Icarus Sneakerssize: 41 (raf/cp sole sizing)condition: bought new from LVR store. extremely superficial creasing, no wear to sole. can only find shoe bags will be shipped in raf or annD box.$IC ?? 

Stephen Schneider Frozen Waves Shirt
Size IIII ( fits 46  fits quite slim)condition: cleaned a few times - no stains or markingspearl buttons, two tone/stitching - very subtle colour.$70 aud on hold! 
thank you for your custom - please visit again soon!

applemart re(open)2.0

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snack carry

snack carry

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